About Me

Federico Razzoli: MySQL consultant, open source DBA
Photo by Cipo
Verona, 2014

Looking for MySQL/MariaDB consulting? Jolly good morning, my name is Federico Razzoli and I can help.

I am a open source database professional, specialised in the MySQL ecosystem. In particular, I offer MySQL/MariaDB consulting, as well as services related to some other technologies. For example, I can help you with: performance tuning, backups, disaster recovering, capacity planning, new setups, database design, query optimisation, training.

I live in London, UK. However, if you want to meet me in person, I am available for occasional travels. This can be useful, for example, to train your staff in your company offices, or to gather information talking with several figures in the company.

But you may be curious about my background. Well, in my career I worked as a developer (at the beginning), a database consultant and a database administrator (DBA). My focus was always on databases. As I mentioned MySQL is the technology I know best. But I also used other RDBMSs, and some flavours of NoSQL. While I have a preference for the open source world, I had the opportunity to use proprietary RDBMSs, and I really appreciate some of them.

I wrote the book Mastering MariaDB in 2014, and I was one of the MariaDB Community Ambassadors.