About Me

Federico Razzoli: MySQL consultant, open source DBA
Photo by Cipo
Verona, 2014

Looking for MySQL/MariaDB consulting? Jolly good morning, my name is Federico Razzoli and I can help.

I am a open source database professional, specialised in the MySQL ecosystem. In particular, I offer MySQL/MariaDB consulting, as well as services related to some other technologies. For example, I can help you with: performance tuning, backups, disaster recovering, capacity planning, new setups, database design, query optimisation, training.

Mastering MariaDB

But you may be curious about my background. Well, in my career I worked as a developer (at the beginning), a database consultant and a database administrator (DBA). My focus was always on databases. As I mentioned MySQL is the technology I know best. But I also used other RDBMSs, and some flavours of NoSQL. While I have a preference for the open source world, I had the opportunity to use proprietary RDBMSs, and I really appreciate some of them.

I wrote the book Mastering MariaDB in 2014. I co-authored MariaDB Essentials with Emilien Kenler, in 2015. I was a MariaDB Community Ambassador (a discontinued project by the MariaDB Foundation). Over the years, I held several talks at conferences, like Percona Live, as well as training and webinars.