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Dear Community,

I’ve read critiques about Planet MySQL for months. Criticism says it is now “censoring” many community contents that previously would have been accepted. I know the problem: all contents from Federico-Razzoli.com have been censored for some months, no exceptions.

To be fair, the word censorship is not the best, because we are free to write whatever we want. Yet, Oracle’s aggregator won’t give us any visibility if we don’t follow certain rules. Since these facts seem to me absolutely clear, I’ll continue using a commonly understood word for simplicity.

For this reason I wrote an email asking an Oracle employee to remove my feed from their aggregator. This unusual procedure is because there is no other way to remove a feed.

My decision follows Shlomi Noach‘s announcement, see Pulling this blog out of Planet MySQL aggregator, over community concerns. Please read his very well argued concerns. Jean-François Gagné immediately wrote his opinion too: State of Planet MySQL: unhealthy!. He says he also considers removing his blog from Planet MySQL. And I have a feeling that others will follow.

In my opinion, this makes Planet MySQL obsolete. We should look forward. I’ll write later what I mean by look forward.

[UPDATE] Other leaving blogs

  • Mark Callaghan twitted: Thanks. I sent email now too. Most of my posts are comparative and mention something other than MySQL so they wouldn’t make it past a filter.
  • Art asked in the comments how to massively remove feeds, see below.

[UPDATE-2] Andrew’s view and final thoughts

I believe that the links above are important, because the Planet MySQL “censorship” is just a symptom of a bigger problem.

Our community is vendor-centric. Nearly all initiatives start from vendors.

I agree with Andrew that the MySQL and MariaDB communities need a Foundation, a framework to strengthen our communication and collaboration.

Toodle pip,
Federico Razzoli

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Comments (6)

  1. Who should I address if we all want to massively pull our feeds from Planet MySQL?
    I’m also interested to know what you mean with “looking forward”? Do you have some sort of alternative in mind?

    Also an interesting fact is that according to the Internet Archive the line “Blogs that do not promote the use of MySQL, or promote the use of competitor databases, will be rejected.” was only added early 2020 to the FAQ:

    1. Hey Art,
      1) I don’t think there is an “official person” to contact. Just make a guess or ask me privately whom I contacted 🙂
      2) Looking forward: I had in mind to set up an aggregator. But other persons had the same idea. There are at least a couple of ongoing discussions and a company considering it, that I know of.
      3) Very good catch. But I’d say that most censored posts don’t even break that rule.

  2. Hi Federico,

    Do you have an rss feed for your blog/site? I enjoy reading your posts when they appear on Planet MySQL.

    I agree with all of you that Planet MySQL may no longer be fit for the community, but until there is a replacement it will be difficult to follow you for those of us who use RSS for MySQL updates.

    Schlomi Noach and JFG both have feeds I can add to my feed, but I can’t find one for you.

    Maybe you all are trying to pressure Planet MySQL into changing their policy (which would be very beneficial for them IMHO!) but you are dealing with Oracle marketing bods, so I won’t hold my breath!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. In my opinion it should be a name that doesn’t include MySQL or any fork name. If a new fork comes up in the future, it should be automatically included.
      Someone proposed to use “LAMP Databases” instead.

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