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The past

Yesterday 12th March I have been at MariaDB meetup – here in London – to talk about MariaDB Temporal Tables, AKA system-versioned tables. It’s basically the same talk I gave at Percona Live in Frankfurt, a bit shortened. People was extremely interested in how this feature works with replication and backups, so I could dig more into these topics in a future talk. In the meanwhile, you can also take a look at my post on Percona Community blog: Some Notes on MariaDB system-versioned Tables, which I wrote as a complement to my original talk.

Other talks seemed to me very interesting: Steve Keil gave some general overview about MariaDB solutions, and Anders Karlsson talked about MaxScale. Honestly I’m not interested to technologies that gain support thanks to the community, and then switch to a proprietary license. My position about this is quite well known, I think. Still, Anders’ talk was very interesting from a technical point of view.

Luisa Raviol started to take care of this group after Ivan Zoratti stopped to be its organiser (for an impressive amount of years!). Thank you for that Luisa, and keep up the good work!

The future

I am organising a meetup myself. I started this new group called London Open Source Databases, and the number of people who subscribed exceeded by far my expectations. On 27th of March, the first meetup will take place, and I’m sure it will be great.

Many people from Percona will be in London, so I wanted to use this opportunity. I asked them to give talks about a broad range of technologies. These are the scheduled talks:

  • MongoDB ReplicaSet and ShardingVinodh Krishnaswamy, Support Engineer
  • MySQL 8.0 architecture and EnhancementsLalit Choudhary, Bug Reproduction Analyst
  • Optimizer Histograms: When they Help and When Do Not? – Sveta Smirnova, Principal Bug Escalation Specialist
  • New and Maturing Built-in Features in PostgreSQL to Help Build Simple ShardsJobin Augustine, Senior Support Engineer
  • Brothers in Arms: Using ProxySQL + PXC to Ensure Transparent High Availability for your ApplicationVinicius Grippa, Support Engineer

It is also my honour to personally thank Lorraine, Percona community manager, for her significant help with the organisation, and the company for sponsoring some food for our prominent bells (well, maybe I should only speak for mine…).

Thanks to them, and honestly to me, the event is free.

If you are interested (come on, you should be!) please register on the meetup page ASAP, to make organisation easier.

The committee

I am also humbled to be part of the Percona Live committee for the MariaDB track, whose leader was Sveta. I think we did a good job in selecting MariaDB talks. But I am involved, so you should take a look to the schedule and judge by yourself.

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event, so I didn’t even try to send my proposals. I will do that for the next Percona Live Europe, as I always do (sometimes successfully, sometimes not).

Bonus: discount code (EDIT)

As a member of the committee, I have a 20% discount code to offer for Percona Live 2019. Hope it will be useful to someone. The code is: COMMITTEEFRIENDS20


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