Endorse me in your company

If you know me personally, or you like my public talks, articles, etc, you may want to endorse me and my services in your company. I can of course contact your company myself, but your manager will probably trust you more than he trusts a consultant that (s)he doesn’t know.

This page shows a draft of a justification email you can write your manager to suggest my services. If you are going to use it, please let me know.

Be sure to personalise the text below – in particular how you know about me, and the reasons why you are endorsing me.

Thank you in advance.

Email template

Dear <supervisor’s name>,
I think that the team and I could use some help from third party. I’ve been reading Federico Razzoli’s blog for a long time, and attended his conference talks at <conference name>.

I wish to recommend him because:

  1. Federico is a recognized MySQL and MariaDB expert. He is the author of Mastering MariaDB. He worked with these technologies for several years: his past job experiences include a MySQL consultant position at Percona, and DBA positions in several fast-growing companies.
  2. Federico has good hands-on experience with a broad range of technologies. While his focus is on MySQL, he administered and supported PostgreSQL, all major proprietary DBMSs, and some NoSQL technologies like Cassandra.
  3. During his career, Federico worked as a DBA, a devops, a developer and a consultant. This gives Federico a quite global view. He understands the different needs and problems of the different roles who work in a company. His recommendations are realistic, and they always have a purpose. He knows how to promote collaboration between different teams in a company.
  4. Federico knows that every operation should, in the end, have a benefit for business that exceeds its costs. This could be, for example, better performance to retain more customers, or high availability to ensure business continuity. It’s never just love for the technology itself.
  5. Federico is proactive. He often talks about how to prevent service disruptions with efficient monitoring and properly tested high availability solutions, rather than rushing to restart servers.

<your name>