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Newsletter sent on 10th June 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are Europe.

federico-razzoli.com’s newsletter subscription form has been active for a while, but I wanted to wait until we reached a good number of subscribers before sending an actually email. This is the reason for the long silence.

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My latest article is MySQL stored procedures: all ways to produce an output. It is written with the same spirit as older articles about stored procedures and JSON: MySQL/MariaDB procedures may have a lot of limitations, but if you think unconventionally you can do many iNews from the webnteresting things. And -believe it or not – they can even be a performance optimisation.

According to Google Analytics, my recent articles about indexes in InnoDB and more generally in MySQL had an exceptional success:


  • Percona Live Europe will begin on 30 September, in Amsterdam. But I can’t find any official announcement in their website, let’s wait.
  • PostgreSQL Vision will be in Boston, 24-26 June
  • DataOps Barcelona will be on 20-21 2019

Are you near London?

  • Open Source Database meetup #3
  • Yet to be announcement (sorry for the very short time, but it’s not my fault): a meetup of the same group, with Peter Zaitsev, on 4th July

News from the web

  • CockroachDB license change is making a lot of noise. Personally, I consider that particular change good. Formally, the new license is not open source or free software anymore. But in practice, they add only one limitation, and it is only for cloud providers: if they want to provide CockroachDB as a service, they need to buy a license. This is perfectly reasonable, as cloud providers (especially Amazon) were accused by some other vendors to make their business unsustainable. In my understanding, in no way this limitation affects the end user, and in no way it asks providers anything unreasonable. So I consider the license as de facto open source. I wonder is MongoDB and Redis will follow this example.
  • Alerting on SLOs like Pros – Using Prometheus to implement alerts that are compliant with the SRE philosophy.

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