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Newsletter sent on 17th June 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are Europe.

Before starting… congrats, ClickHouse! Last 16th June was its 3rd birthday in the open source world. And when a project completes its third year, it is probably going to live a long life.


As you may know, I own the London Open Source Databases group. In July we will host two important meetups:

  • Peter Zaitsev meets the Community in London! PZ is Percona’s CEO and co-founder. He will give the talk Ten things developers should know about databases, followed by an Ask me anything session.
  • MariaDB and MySQL dad meets the London Community! Monty, currently MariaDB CTO and MariaDB Foundation co-founder, will sit between us and answer our questions. Beforehand, Vicentiu Ciorbaru – software engineer at MariaDB Foundation – will give the talk MariaDB and MySQL – What Statistics Optimizer Needs Or When and How Not to Use Indexes.

Lightning talks will open these events, and the Call for Papers is open! Lightning talk will have a 5 minutes length and will be about open source database technologies.

More details here: London Open Source Databases meetups in July.

International events:

  • Percona Live Europe will begin on 30 September, in Amsterdam. But I can’t find any official announcement in their website, let’s wait.
  • PostgreSQL Vision will be in Boston, 24-26 June
  • DataOps Barcelona will be on 20-21 2019

Are you near London?

  • Open Source Database meetup #3
  • Yet to be announcement (sorry for the very short time, but it’s not my fault): a meetup of the same group, with Peter Zaitsev, on 4th July

Articles from the web

  • Introduction to PostgreSQL physical storage is a gentle but in-depth introduction to Postgres’ storage layer.
  • What’s up with computational storage. This is an important optimisation, the idea is to process data where they are stored to avoid the round trip. This article is also a review of existing solutions.
  • Understanding G1 GC Logs is a useful article if you use Java databases, like Cassandra or Neo4j. Java Garbage Collectors typically perform “stop of the world” operations, making the server’s performance unpredictable, or even making the server stall for some seconds. For some reason it is very important to choose a good GC for our case, and understand its logs.

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