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Newsletter sent on 3rd April 2020,
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Good Friday morning from London, Europe.

We live in hard times. I hope that, despite the global situations, you all (my readers) are safe, and your dears are safe as well. I can imagine that many of you are experiencing some degree of economic difficulties – but that’s likely something that we can fix later, as long as we are in good health.

Let’s be positive. Being forced at home, I’m reading a lot. Books and online articles. For this reason, this issue of Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs is rich of links. Hope you’ll find them interesting.

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I kindly remind you that the webinar JSON in MySQL and MariaDB databases will take place on Monday 6th March 2020, on 15:00 London time.

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Stay safe!
Federico Razzoli

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Good weekend from London, Europe.

Yesterday email contained a big mistake. The webinar JSON in MySQL and MariaDB databases will take place on Monday 6th April (not March!). Subscribe now to attend!

Sorry for the high email frequency, but this mistake needed to be corrected.

Stay safe,
Federico Razzoli
Open source database consultant