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Newsletter sent on 18th July 2020

Good Week End from London, Europe.

As mentioned in the last issue, Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs format changed, and possibly it’s still changing. You will find some notes from me and more news, which are better categorised. This is the reason why FRU is now sent on weekends: you will have more time to read it.

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Since the last issue, I wrote two articles about MariaDB features (not only from the recent 10.5 version):

10.5 went GA, and this time the community weren’t asked to vote for new features to include in 10.6. It’s a pity.

I will give two virtual talks at “Oxbridge” meetups:


Most relevant events I am aware about:

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MySQL 8.0.21 allows to disable InnoDB Redo Log. The documentation states that this feature is only intended to load data more quickly, and should not be used in production systems. I hope that the number of users who deliberately ignore (or don’t read at all) this recommendation is relatively small. In fact, a crash while the Redo Log is disabled will corrupt the whole dataset (but it should be possible to repair it). They also introduced a new permission for disabling the Redo Log, INNODB_REDO_LOG_ENABLE. To me this sounds like a suggestion that it makes sense to allow this operation to someone who is not root… which makes the whole thing even more weird.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not criticising, for example, PostgreSQL UNLOGGED tables. They make sense, and it even makes sense to make a table UNLOGGED and then LOGGED again. Accepting the risk to lose one table or a set of tables to get better performance may be perfectly reasonable.

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