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Newsletter sent on 24th June 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are Europe.

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Last week I wrote Paginating the results of an SQL query. I wanted to discuss an old problem, which is not fancy because it’s not related to some emerging technology. Yet, an impressive amount of websites and applications paginate results in a wrong way, causing an excessive resource usage, and quite often performance problems.

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Nothing really new here since the last newsletter, but let me remind you some future events.

As mentioned in the previous newsletters, the London Open Source Databases group will host two important meetups in July:

Lightning talks will open these events, and the Call for Papers is open! Lightning talk will have a 5 minutes length and will be about open source database technologies.

International events:

  • Percona Live Europe will begin on 30 September, in Amsterdam – still not announced.
  • PostgreSQL Vision will be in Boston, 24-26 June
  • DataOps Barcelona will be on 20-21 2019

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