Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs #5

Newsletter sent on 12th August 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are in Europe.

As announced last week, despite the long unplanned pause, I’m now trying to make this newsletter more regular, so you should receive it every Monday morning.

This issue contains some links related to technical topics, as usual, but there are also links related to business. I hope that you appreciate this. Speaking of which, please feel free to provide me with some feedback about what you like and what in your opinion could be improved about this newsletter.

Federico-Razzoli.com contents

No new contents in the website yet. Well, except for a renewed About me page. I want visitors to understand that my services include classical technical consulting, but extend beyond that.

You may also want to take a look at my LinkedIn articles. I decided to use that platform for articles that include a business or strategic view, while Federico-Razzoli.com will continue to have mostly technical contents.

  • Why startups need vertical and horizontal IT consultants – Startups focus on product development, and don’t have in their teams experts in the technologies they use. This is normal because resources are limited, but with time this leads to big risks. Here I explain why I believe that startups need to use consultants, and which types of consultants.
  • When is the right time to automate operations? – This is an important question for startups. At some point they realise that manual operations are risky, time-consuming and painful, and they theoretically know that they should automate these tasks. But they’re often concerned about the risks of automating things, or doing that in a wrong way.

Articles from the web


Business / workplace:

  • Sad news first: Linus Journal “shut its doors for good”. A big loss for the community. They did their part very well to bring Linux and open source where they are today.
  • Loadsharers: Funding the Load-Bearing Internet Person – According to Eric Raymond (yes, that Eric), the internet technologies survive thanks to a small number of overloaded persons who sometimes don’t even earn the money they need for medical cares. His new initiative Loadsharers aims to crowdfund them.
  • Depression and Burnout is the title of Andrew Hutchings’ (MariaDB Corporation) podcast, episode 1. It was also the topic of his lightning talk at the last London Open Source Databases meetup. As I said introducing it in that circumstance, I believe it is an interesting topic and we should talk much more about this kind of things.
    • Monty Widenius also added something interesting at the end of the talk: if you are experiencing burnout, talk. You manager (as well as colleagues, friends and relatives, I’d say) cannot do anything if you don’t voice your problem.
  • Workplace Stress Is Costing European Businesses Billions – According to the article, 20% of Britons work 9 hours a day. While my Italian readers may consider this normal, it is not at all. We’ve built a burnout culture. The article also argues that this situation has been made worse by Brexit uncertainty.
  • The Wealthiest Places in Europe to Live and Work – Relocating is a good thing. It is exciting, it opens your mind, and it teaches you unexpected things. This article lists some possibly good places to live. Just a warning: this should not be your only criteria. For example, not many people would like to live in Groningen, they would probably prefer Amsterdam.


  • Percona Live Europe 2019. – 30th September – 2th October. Unfortunately, starting from the first day of the conference my age will start with a 4. And no, I’m not 3 years old.

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