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Newsletter sent on 19th August 2019

Good Monday afternoon – if you are in Europe.

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I published a new article this morning: Cassandra error on login: Cannot achieve consistency level LOCAL_ONE. This is my first article about Cassandra (though recently I gave a lightning talk entitled Apache Cassandra: sharding and consistency). This doesn’t indicate any shift of my interests or professional services. My focus is and remains MySQL/MariaDB ecosystem. But when I used to work as a DBA I administrated several different technologies, and I occasionally still work on them. Remember: avoid technology wars and use the right tool for the right purpose!

This particular article is about an error generated by Cassandra, that confused a customer. They wondered, how can a simple login be affected by the consistency level? Why is the consistency level LOCAL_ONE? Why is it too strict, if one server is running? All these questions find an easy answer if you understand how Cassandra works under the hood.

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