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Newsletter sent on 2nd September 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are in Europe or in Africa.

Good news from the country I live in: Brexit didn’t happen yet and Scotland independence becomes more likely every time Johnson does or says anything. Bad news: the British parliament is being shut down because it’s against a no-deal Brexit.

Federico-Razzoli.com contents

Last week I published READ ONLY transactions in MySQL. Read only transactions are not widely used, and I think that’s a pity. I explain why you should use them, and how. I take isolation levels into consideration, and I show a “trick” used by mysqldump in MariaDB.

Today I published my second article about Cassandra: Choosing Cassandra consistency levels. The reason why I think it is interesting is that it explores the topic from a standpoint from a practical point of view. Plenty of articles on the web, as well as Datastax wonderful documentation, explain how consistency levels work under the hood. But I wanted to talk about how we should choose a consistency level, how this could affect availability and performance, and some practical “tricks”.

Articles from the web


IT strategy

  • Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in – Martin Fowler thinks that trying to hard to avoid cloud vendors lock-ins can lock us in. It’s hard not to agree, but I still think that the risks of being locked-in by a vendor are widely under-esteemed.
  • How to limit reputational damage after a data breach – Everyday a Google search shows new incredible data breaches. GDPR violation fines are a well-understood risk, but there are other damages, like a bad reputation. Here you can find some practical suggestions to limit reputational damages.
  • A Case for QA Participation in Code Reviews – The strongest argument is, in my opinion, that QA engineers should have the opportunity to influence the code.

Workplace / lifestyle

  • Routine Working From Home – For some of us, working from home can be hard. How to deal with this problem? Does routine help? I don’t believe there is an answer which is valid for everyone, but reading other people thoughts and experience can help.


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