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Newsletter sent on 9th September 2019

Good Monday morning – if you are in Europe or in Africa.

No new contents on my website to report. However, I have plenty of contents about the web to share with you. Feel free to send me your comments! I try to answer everyone, possibly with some delay.

Articles from the web


IT and Database strategy


  • A record-breaking place to invest – A record-breaking place to invest – Scotland is a great place to invest, and IT is one of the sectors that are growing fast. If you are worried about uncertainty in the UK, keep in mind that brexit – especially a hard brexit – would make Scottish independence more likely.

Lifestyle, workplace

  • 11 Best Practices for Working Remotely – Personally, I think that not everyone performs well when working remotely. Working from home requires some adjustment. Here’s some good advice.
  • It’s later than you think – Keep this reading for when you have time, but don’t forget it. It’s a tale of a personal tragedy, and it can make us think about our mistakes before it’s too late.


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