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Newsletter sent on 3rd February 2020

Good Monday morning – if your timezone is similar to London, Europe.

You didn’t read this greeting for a while. Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs was suspended without a notice, simply because it took more time than I had. But… despite the good practical reasons, it was a mistake. FRUs is a way to communicate with people. Spread important news and views, and quite frequently receive your smart private feedback.

I’ve been missing this, because I think Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs provided value to both readers and me. Which explains why people still clicks on very old newsletters – and no, it’s not the result of fake statistics from the newsletter service I use, because I also got some feedback very recently!

I am rethinking my business, because I believe I will soon have the opportunity to expand it. And as part of this, I am rethinking Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs. I hope you’ll find it useful and interesting. But this is also the best time to help me: give me your ideas and opinions now, I’ll keep them all into account.


The next London Open Source Databases meetup is: Meet MariaDB team! Attend and you will meet incredibly high level speakers, like Monty Widenius (no need to tell you who he is, right?), Marko Makela (InnoDB main developers) and Vicentiu Ciorbaru (MariaDB Foundation senior engineer, team lead, and ubiquitous speaker).

Other events:

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Webinars – I will start a series of webinars. Federico-Razzoli.com UPDATEs allows you to stay tuned and get to know when the first webinar happens. In the meanwhile – please vote this poll! In this way you will let me know which topics you are interested in.

Since the last newsletter I published loads of contents. Just a few links…

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