MySQL Consultant in London

Federico Razzoli, database consultant
Photo by Cipo
Verona, 2014

Looking for MySQL/MariaDB consulting in London? Jolly good morning, my name is Federico Razzoli and I can help.

I am a open source database professional, specialised in the MySQL ecosystem. In particular, I offer MySQL consulting.

I am based in London, Europe. I mainly work remotely, but there are situations when a meeting in person works better than a video call. If your office is in London, shaking our hands will be easier – we can do it without delays or travel expenses.

My services include MariaDB and Percona Server.


Are your MySQL instances as fast as they should be? Can you check their current status, and foresee future problems? Will you receive alerts if your databases are too slow, or down? Are your alerts tested?


Do you take automated backups – both complete and incremental? Do you have an automated restore procedure? Do you regularly test backup & restore?


Rather than helping you with disaster recovery, I prefer to setup a high-availability solution and proper failover tests.

Rather than adding resources when your servers are struggling, I prefer to offer a proper capacity planning.


Are your MySQL instances as fast as they should be? Let me check your MySQL and system configuration for you.

I will also review your most impacting queries and you indexes.

Call me, I can help

My services include:

  • MySQL Health Checks
  • MySQL Training
  • Monthly / Weekly Time

You can contact me via email:

Or just fill the contact form below, and I will call you back.