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Network complexity

In today’s enterprises, companies with mid-size and large networks, the need for agility and efficiency of the servers and network resources is more than ever.

Sysadmins, software developers and network engineers need to make everything as automatic as possible in order to save time and avoid human errors when they are adding physical and virtual servers, preparing a web server or putting together all pieces of an application on different servers. There is always the chance of misconfiguring network cards, incompatibility of the packages needed for a certain apps, in addition to how time consuming it it can be to add new servers and get them online!

Using tools such as Ansible, MAAS and Juju helps us get over most of these problems. We don’t need to be worried anymore physical servers being added or the need for adding more resources for our applications and services. Using these tools saves us a lot of time and human interfere. Servers can be provisioned and controlled remotely, apps and services can be added, removed and updated in a very simple manner.

To sum up, that’s the time for taking NetOps and DevOps into action!

Networks and databases are related topics, in many ways, for example:

  • A slow or unreliable network makes a database cluster slow or fragile;
  • Network automation allows to easily add database servers;
  • A secure network protects your data from external attacks.

For these reasons I collaborate with an experienced Network Engineer to deliver network consulting. Together, we can check the state of your database servers and the network you use to communicate. We can fix a wider range or problems and setup a more complete automation, sensibly reducing the time spent by your team to maintain your infrastructure.

We offer our diverse competencies and services to make your database infrastructure fast, reliable, less expensive. We offer all this as a single commercial package.

Contact me discuss your needs and receive a quote.

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