Work in progress
I can offer my services onsite or remotely. I am located in London, UK.

This is the list of my standard services:

My advise for new customers is to start with a health check or with a training. This is will allow us to familiarise each other. I will take a look at your servers and will talk with your professionals. After that I will better understand your needs: the problems you need to solve, and the problems that can be avoided by working proactively. So I can propose ad hoc services, tailored to solve your actual problems, or to work proactively to prevent them.

However, you can contact me to require other services, including but not limited to:

  • Query and schema optimisation
  • Performance tuning
  • Capacity planning
  • Setup of new environments, upgrades
  • High Availability (Galera Cluster, replication, load balancing, failover)
  • Backup solutions
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Automation via Ansible Playbooks or Puppet Manifests
  • Stored procedures development

If you need something different than these services… just contact me to discuss your needs.