Consulting policy

This page contains information about how we will work together, and which guarantees I will offer to your company.

Non-disclosure agreement

Information about your infrastructure and your business will never be used or disclosed without your permission.

I will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before beginning the consulting work.

Credentials to your systems

I will use a virtual private network (VPN) if required. However, it is important that a proper client exists for Ubuntu Linux.

Access to your systems will happen via ssh, with key-based authentication. I will send you my public key.

If further passwords or credentials need to be communicated, they can be placed on the server that I will be able to access via ssh. In this way, no passwords need to be sent directly to me, in any form.

It is highly recommended to use a jumphost. It will be the only server that I will directly access. I will then access other servers (if needed) from the jumphost.

Sensitive information protection

On my side, your secret information will be equally protected, in the following ways:

  • No sensitive information will be stored in a clear form or sent over a network in an unprotected way;
  • No sensitive information will be left on a device usable by other persons without the necessary protections (for example, they will not be in a laptop without password on a public table);
  • In case a device containing your sensitive information is stolen, you will be immediately alerted.


Normal communications will happen via:

  • Emails;
  • A Slack channel;
  • Skype or Zoom.

No passwords or other highly sensitive information will be communicated using these channels.


In case of further doubts or questions, please contact me.

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