Database Health Checks

Health Check ReportWhat’s wrong in your production environment?

Discover your current problems and your potential future problems. Learn how to fix or prevent them. Usually many cures are low hanging fruits, as simple as changing a setting in MySQL or rewriting a query. Other problems can be more complex to solve, and I can offer my help. Or you could be lucky, maybe your production databases have no relevant problems. But even in that case, you may want to hear that from an expert.

Database Health Checks are very simple for you. First, I will have a meeting (remotely or onsite) with a DBA or system administrator, to find out how you use your databases and what your concerns are. Then I will require an access to your databases and your monitoring systems. I will collect information and metrics, and I will spend one or two days analysing them. I will then deliver a document listing your current and potential problems, my detailed recommendations to fix them, and your safe areas. Eventually, we will have a final meeting, so you can ask me questions about the document.

The document covers the following areas:

  • Hardware or virtual resources
  • OS configuration
  • MySQL configuration, replication topology, backups
  • Schema design (mainly indexes)
  • 8 most impacting queries
  • Security

Technologies covered by this service:

  • MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB, Galera Cluster
    • Including very old versions: 3.23, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, …
    • Storage engines: RocksDB/MyRocks, TokuDB, SPIDER, CONNECT, Federated, MyISAM/Aria…
  • Others: memcached, ClickHouse, Sphinx
  • ProsySQL, MySQL Router, HAProxy
  • Service discovery: Consul, etcd

A Database Health Check normally covers no more than 3 servers from the same replication chain, or 2 servers and 1 proxy. Service discovery solutions can also be covered.

I suggest new customers to buy a Database Health Check. This will give me an idea of how you work, what your needs and problems are, and what is needed to solve them. At the same time, I will not apply any changes to your production, so you will safely be able to take a look at my way of working.

Investigations on specific complex problems are not part of a Database Health Check. After we discuss your problems, I can offer my support to implement solutions, but this is not part of a Database Health Check.

Usually, the price of this service is about: 1,100 GBP. The price is higher for onsite health checks, health checks that include a wide range of technologies, and health checks on more than two servers.

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