Monthly or Weekly Hours

When time is not enough, call your database Doctor

Monthly Hours, or Weekly Hours, are an amount of time that I will use to work for you. Each month or week we’ll start with a call. You tell me what you need me to do. Or I can log into your systems and check if everything is alright, and fix some problems. Most likely, we will do a bit of both.

Except for the call, this work is asynchronous by nature. I will do it within the same month (or week), but time and weekdays will be chosen according to my schedule.

This service is especially useful for companies that don’t have a DBA. Or companies whose DBAs cannot keep up with all the work to do, and need some help. It can also be used to assign an expert some work that you cannot (or don’t want to) automate. Or to periodically check server metrics or slow queries.

Note that probably I cannot solve all your problems using Monthly or Weekly hours. Longer tasks can be agreed together, but will be performed in a different engagement.

The cost of this service starts at 150 GBP per hour. This price can decrease sensibly, depending on the amount of hours and the complexity of your environment.

I understand that it will not always be possible – or optimal – to use exactly the amount of hours previously agreed. I try to be flexible, and I agree to “move” hours from one month to another, within reasonable limits.

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