MySQL Training

Training brings new skills and more professional value
Training brings new skills and
more professional value

I can deliver onsite MySQL training and remote MySQL training.

Training can be tailored for particular crowds, such as: developers, junior MySQL DBAs, DevOps, data engineers, DBAs working with other RDBMSs, system administrators, analysts. DBAs that need to learn a specific technology (like Galera or ProxySQL) will also benefit from specific courses.

Important notice:

Because of the global health situation,
currently all services take place remotely.
This includes remote courses.

Available Courses

TitleDurationLevelOnsite Cost
MySQL Administration Essentials2 daysBEGINNER2,200 GBP
MySQL Query Optimisation2 daysINTERMEDIATE2,200 GBP
MySQL Stored Procedures1 dayADVANCED1,500 GBP
InnoDB Storage Engine2 daysADVANCED2,200 GBP
MySQL Replication2 daysINTERMEDIATE2,200 GBP
Galera Cluster2 daysADVANCED2,200 GBP
ProxySQL 1011 dayADVANCED1,500 GBP

The costs for company courses do not depend on the number of attendees. However, for onsite training not in London, an additional cost for travel and accommodation will be charged.

Are you looking for a tailored course for your team? Please contact me using the form below.


  • You will receive a copy of the slides, and other used documents if any.
  • You will receive examples, or links to repositories which contain all examples.
  • Onsite only: collective interactive exercises.
  • Questions, questions, questions.
  • There will be some physical or virtual place for networking and open discussions.”MySQL Query Optimisation”

Tailored Courses

For tailored courses, please use the form below of send an email to, specifying the following information:

  • Course topic;
  • Current role and level of the attendees;
  • How many attendees;
  • Which achievements you expect from the course.

For example: TokuDB storage engine; DevOps, with some hands-on knowledge of MySQL; 8; tests show that performance would increase switching to TokuDB, and the DevOps need to learn how to administrate and troubleshoot it.

Once I have the necessary information, I will propose a schedule tailored on your needs, and I will inform you about the cost.

The cost of a tailored course is generally higher than a standard course, depending on how much time is needed to prepare it.

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