Training: InnoDB Storage Engine

InnoDB Storage Engine is a 2 days training, designed for DBAs who want to better understand InnoDB. At the end of the training, they will be able to tune it for performance or reliability, diagnose problems, design proper indexes and take or restore backups.

This training includes all aspects of InnoDB storage engine. We will look into how its internal mechanisms work, how to tune them, and how to monitor InnoDB to improve its performance. The course will be both theoretical and hand-on.

Important notice:

Because of the global health situation,
currently all services take place remotely.
This includes remote courses.


  • Understanding MySQL storage engines
  • Transaction logs and buffer
  • Checkpoints
  • Buffer pool and the LRU algorithm
  • Change buffer
  • InnoDB files
  • General tablespaces
  • Transportable tablespaces
  • Xtrabackup
  • Physical structure of InnoDB tables
  • Locks and snapshots

Cost and timing

The InnoDB Storage Engine training has a cost of 2,200GBP and its duration is 2 days.

Strong discounts can be negotiated if your company has more than four attendees.

If the training is not remote and does not take place in London, Europe, the cost of travel and accommodation will be added to the total.


The course is designed for DBAs or DevOps with MySQL working knowledge. A basic SQL knowledge is desirable to better understand the parts about indexes and locks.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops with MySQL installed. For exercises and examples, the recommendation is to use mysql or mycli command-line interface. However, any program will work.

If your company is going to host the course, please be sure that a projector and a whiteboard are in the room.

Request a course

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