Training: MariaDB for MySQL DBAs

MariaDB for MySQL DBAs is a training for DBAs who want to switch from MySQL to MariaDB. It is designed to be suitable for both new DBAs and expert DBAs. Experts can consider it a valuable resource to quickly learn what they need and ask an advice about their specific use cases.

The attendees will learn how to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB and which problems they may encounter. Then, they will learn how to user valuable MariaDB features that they will benefit from.

Allow me to point out, as a reference, that I wrote that book Mastering MariaDB in 2014 and I was one of MariaDB Community Ambassadors.


  • Migrating from MySQL to MariaDB
  • Attaching a MariaDB slave to a MySQL master
  • Incompatibilities between MariaDB and MySQL
  • Dealing with syntax incompatibilities
  • MariaDB features: an overview
  • mariabackup
  • ALTER TABLE in production
  • MariaDB GTID
  • MariaDB storage engines
  • Aria storage engine for internal temporary tables
  • Data encryption at rest
  • Column compression
  • MariaDB system-versioned tables (AKA temporal tables)
  • Invisible columns, sequences

On request of the company, one or two of these items can be replaced by other MariaDB features.

Proprietary software distributed by MariaDB company will not be covered by this course.

Cost and timing

The MariaDB for MySQL DBAs training has a cost of 1,200GBP and its duration is 2 days.


If the training is not remote and does not take place in London, Europe, the cost of travel and accommodation will be added to the total.


The course is designed for MySQL DBAs or DevOps of any level.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops with MySQL installed. For exercises and examples, the recommendation is to use mysql or mycli command-line interface.

If your company is going to host the course, please be sure that a projector and a whiteboard are in the room.

Request a course

To request a course or ask for more information, please contact me:
+44 7739 427279 (London time)
Skype: fede.razzoli
Telegram: federico_razzoli

Or just fill the following form:

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