Training: MySQL Administration Essentials

MySQL Administration Essentials is an introductive training for new DBAs, and for expert DBAs who are not familiar with MySQL. The course is equally useful to work with Oracle MySQL, Percona Server or MariaDB. It can be focused on one of these variants, if the customer company wishes so. Most of the information will be useful to administrate Amazon RDS instances, but the peculiarities of this technology will not be covered.

The attendees will learn how to perform normal and extraordinary operations on MySQL, like new installations, upgrades, monitoring and backups. They will learn how to configure instances properly and troubleshoot the most common problems.


  • MySQL, Percona Server, MariaDB: make informed choices
  • MySQL architecture
    • Storage engines overview
  • Installing from binaries and packages
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring MySQL with PMM
  • Basic performance tuning
  • Backup and restore
    • mysqldump
    • Copying files
    • Percona Xtrabackup and MariaBackup
  • Recovering corruptes tables
  • ALTER TABLE in production
    • ALGORITHM and LOCK syntaxes
    • pt-online-schema-change
  • Upgrades

Cost and timing

The MySQL Administration Essentials training has a cost of 1,200GBP and its duration is 2 days.

If the training is not remote and does not take place in London, Europe, the cost of travel and accommodation will be added to the total.


A basic SQL knowledge is desirable.

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their laptops with MySQL installed. For exercises and examples, the recommendation is to use mysql or mycli command-line interface. However, any program will work.

If your company is going to host the course, please be sure that a projector and a whiteboard are in the room.

Request a course

To request a course or ask for more information, please contact me:
+44 7739 427279 (London time)
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Telegram: federico_razzoli

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