Remote DBA

The Remote DBA service allows your company to outsource your routine DBA tasks.

It i quite similar to Monthly Hours, but it is more structured. Simply put, I will know your needs and will make sure to satisfy them on a regular basis.

Typical tasks will be performed on w weekly basis, and their outcome will be reported to the customer. These tasks include:

  • Routine checks based on existing monitoring solution
  • Query review and optimization
  • Backups, or check of automated backups
  • Answer questions from managers and developer teams

Some non-routine tasks can be performed as part of the Remote DBA package, depending from the required amount of work:

  • Online schema changes
  • Routine upgrades
  • Add, replace, remove resources (hardware or virtual)
  • Reasonable custom requests

The Remote DBA package cost depends on factors like:

  • Number of servers
  • Atypical technologies, old versions, uncommon plugins
  • Replication topology
  • Automation already in place
  • Your needs: for example you may want to take care about backups yourself, or you may want me to perform a test failover on a regular basis
  • For non-routine tasks we will agree to reserve an approximative amount of hours. Therefore, your expectations affect the price
  • Limited service. For example, you may want me to only check your monitoring solution on a be-weekly basis. This is definitely not a real Remote DBA service, but it’s far safer than having no similar service in place.

My advise is to test my consultancy quality by first buying monthly hours (no less than 4). In that period I will also gain familiarity with your environment and will learn about your needs. When you are ready, you can buy a more structured Remote DBA package.

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