In this page you can see what some of the customers and former co-workers say about me.

At Currencies Direct, Federico reviewed our Cassandra infrastructures, providing us with precious recommendations on how to improve its configuration and our data models. His consulting clarified the problematics of a distributed database and the Java Virtual Machine, and allowed us to take advantage of the pecularities of Cassandra. I would recommend Federico to other companies to handle their database problems.

Marco Visibelli
Lead Data Scientist @ Currencies Direct

We’ve spent a year developing Catawiki platform together. During this year Federico helped a lot to improve our operational database setup.

Deep knowledge of MySQL internals helped us tuning our production database servers performance. We’ve created a bunch of meaningful charts in Grafana. They explained important MySQL metrics in a simple manneer. This effort helped us to achieve better transparency in the database topic.

Federico showed ability to talk to developers simply and efficiently. During organized company events and private conversations he was explaining them do’s and dont’s of working with RDBMS. This guidance resulted not only in countless refactoring improvements in our applications but also in several wiki articles presented to our developers.

Vitali Tsevan
Platform team software engineer @ Catawiki

Federico is a consultant who is extremely familiar with the entire MySQL ecosystem, and the LAMP stack, among other things. Federico has contributed source to Flexviews, part of the Swanhart Toolkit, and has tested my software extensively, offering bug reports and authoring code to fix problems and improve test cases. I would trust Federico to work on my systems, which is a trust that I extend to very few. He is an excellent engineer that I would be proud to have in any team that I work with.

Justin Swanhart
Senior MySQL Operations Engineer @ Etsy

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