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Power of the Universe: lots of data to collect & analyse

I participate to EverSQL’s #FREEApril and #FreeMay initiatives, which consists in delivering free 20 minutes consulting gigs. This is a way to help for companies hit by the current health crisis and subsequent economic uncertainty. Collaboration is what made humanity survive bigger problems than covid-19!

In the same spirit, I want to launch an interesting virtual event in May: Two Weeks of Databases (#DB2W).

I will interview interesting persons from the database world, for two weeks. One interview per day, Monday to Friday, at 3pm London time. Each interview will be 40-45 minutes long. The interviews will be streamed on YouTube, and will remain online.

The schedule is a work in progress. The following interviews are confirmed.

Two Weeks of Databases Event Schedule

DB / CompanyPersonsWhenLink
TerminusDBGavin Mendel-Gleason, CTO
Cheukting Ho, Technical DevRel Lead
May, 04Interview
DexterityDBDillon Uzar (CEO, cofounder)
Alex Sabella (cofounder)
May, 05Interview
PlanetScaleMorgan Tocker, Community Development ManagerMay, 06Interview
Volga Data PlatformDivya Nagar, Software Engineer @ Vonage
Narain Ramaswamy, Software Architect @ Vonage
May, 07Interview
MongoDBAsya Kamsky, Principal Engineer, Office of the CTOMay, 08Interview
MariaDBMarko Mäkelä, InnoDB ArchitectMay, 11Interview
MariaDBLightning Interview (10 mins):
Andrew Hutchings, Software Engineering Manager
May 11, 4pmLightning Interview
PerconaPeter Zaitsev, CEO & FounderMay, 12Interview
SQLiteRichard Hipp, SQLite main authorMay, 13Interview
ScyllaDBKonstantin Osipov, Software Team LeadMay, 14Interview
MariaDBMonty Widenius, CTO @ MariaDB
Founder @ MariaDB Foundation
May, 15Interview

The list will be updated as more interviews are confirmed.

For the confirmed interview whose date is already decided, see also the Two Weeks of Databases YouTube channel. You can set a reminder to be notified when the interview starts.

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  1. A few questions for the NoSQL crowd:

    Borrowing an expression from Markus Winand – is your NoSQL DBMS a one-trick pony? (Discussed here: .)

    On there are > 225 DBMSes. Is the NoSQL DBMS landscape too crowded? Must every company in the field really create its own DBMS? Why not unite behind a smaller number of (open-source) solutions? What unique features does your particular DBMS bring to the table that didn’t exist in the field before?

    1. Hi Karl!
      Thank you for these very good questions. I’ll probably ask them.
      Though, I could modify your second question and extend it to all databases, including relational ones.


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