Webinar: JSON in MySQL and MariaDB databases

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First slide: “JSON in MySQL and MariaDB Databases, Federico Razzoli”

MySQL and MariaDB are relational databases. As such, they are designed to work with data that follow a precise schema.

Recently they added a JSON data type, that allows to insert semi-structured data into a column.

The webinar took place on Monday, 6th April 2020, at 15:00 London time.

Webinar Recording

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Errata and Notes

The following notes are based on feedback I had later, privately. Thank you to whoever gave me or will give me feedback. It could be used to farther expand these notes, making the webinar itself more useful.

  • ERRATA: One of the slide erroneously mentions MySQL 7.0. Such version does not exist. The correct version is 5.7 – the version that preceded 8.0.
  • I didn’t mention that currently adding and dropping a column can be “instantaneous”. This features have some limitations: DROP COLUMN does not free space, and ADD COLUMNM can only add a column at the end of a table (which is usually fine, but not always).
  • A strategy I didn’t mention to work to work with a heterogeneous catalogue is MariaDB Dynamic Columns. This feature was never popular, probably because it is non-standard and the syntax is very verbose.
  • Another strategy that I didn’t mention is Table Inheritance. This PostgreSQL feature is particularly brilliant if a taxonomy has multiple levels (types and subtypes). However it is not standard and it has some disadvantages. I don’t think it is widely used.

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