Webinar: MySQL Backups

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MySQL Backups by Federico Razzoli - cover slide

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Wednesday 27th May, at

  • 2pm Central Europe
  • 3pm London time
  • 10am New York time

The webinar is held by Federico Razzoli.

Learn which types of backups exist in MySQL and their characteristics. Learn how to properly define a backup strategy and how to test your backups.


  • Planning a backup strategy
  • Backups from slaves
  • Backup types: Physical or Logical, Hot or Cold, Complete or Partial, Full or Incremental
  • Tools for logical backups
  • How to take a physical backup
  • Snapshots
  • Xtrabackup, Mariabackup
  • Binary log and replication
  • Testing backups
  • Q&A

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