Poll: Vote topics for webinars

UPDATE: This poll is old. I occasionally hold webinars. See my webinars page. You can still vote though.

I am planning a series of webinars.

I plan to primarily cover MySQL and MariaDB, but I will also include other open source databases. Other technologies like proxies or tools for automation may also be covered.

The webinars will certainly be technical, but they will also be strategy-driven. Whenever I approach a new technical topic, I plan to make clear: which problems is solves, which drawbacks it has, and its limitations.

While I will talk about specific technologies, my approach will still be technology independent. Each technology may be great for some use cases, but it’s also necessarily bad for others. The goal will never be to promote a technology, but to help using it properly.

Who should attend?

I plan webinars for two different audiences. Each webinar will be for one of them, or both.

An audience is devops and database administrators. Covered topics will include high availability, automation and performance tuning.

The other is developers, database engineers and occasionally data analysts. They will learn about specific database features, query optimisation and design techniques.

The poll

Please vote the poll below to help me finding topics of your interest.

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